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So will this game be available to buy/claim in future on itch as full game?

Yes! It's been a long process but I'm aiming to release the full first part sometime later this year :)

Why is this Game not claimable? 

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I really like it but I cant refill my fuel... Am I doing anyting wrong by just going there and pressing "z" as it says? Maybe its because i played around a little with the inputs

Edit: And how do you get to the beach/shore? Do I need to crawl under the barrier? If so i cant.


This is unfortunately a known bug that some people have experienced. I might try to update the prologue sometime with a fix but it might take a while for me to do. Based on bug reports that I've received, it's possible you could eventually get it to work if you press Z a bunch of times in a row, though that's obviously an annoying thing to have to do.

The beach isn't accessible in the prologue.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for your reply!


I wishlisted this on Steam, looking forward to seeing more!


this looks a lot like metal gear solid. i like it!


sorry my cat stepped over my keyboard




very cool mechanics but u forgot to add a menu!


Communism has a capital C in it.


that's cool.. but that title is awfully similar to "Time Bandits" a movie.

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If I'm judging it correctly, it's a reference to the concept of "Time Theft," a bit of capitalist propaganda against workers' rights to basic stuff like bathroom breaks. That you're "stealing company time" any time you're being paid but not working.

Dunno why they didn't just call it "time thief" though. Maybe that was taken?


very nice


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cool retro psx


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